NBA 2K19 Release Date & Features Wishlist

Every year 2K sports makes new additions to the NBA game series that it becomes essential purchase for the fans. It will be interesting to see what they have planned for NBA 2K19. Since this will be the 20th installment, so hopefully they will bring something very outstanding.

In this article we’ll detail everything we expect about NBA 2K19, including the NBA 2K19 release date, features wishlist and pre-order details.

NBA 2K19 Release Date Features

NBA 2K19 Release Date & Pre-Order Details:

Following the 2K trend, it is expected NBA 2K19 will release mid of September 2018 and pre-order will start sometime in Q2 2018. Considering their another trend, the fans who will pre-order would get the game to play 4 days early.

As 2K no longer focus on PS3 and XBOX 360, so NBA 2K19 is only expected to release for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

NBA 2K19 Features Wishlist:

Previously we shared one NBA 2K19 features wishlist and this will be few addition to that list. If you want to shares, please write it in the comments at the of the article.

Voice Customization:

The game takes no care of giving each player an exclusive voice module. The voice of all the players are almost similar which leaves no room for peculiarity. Give us a variety of voices based on where you are from, your race, and age.

The gamers hence, suggest that they should be allowed to customize the voice of their individual players. It will go like-they will get to customize the voice for:

  • On-the-court talk
  • Press Conferences
  • Also, the gamers get to customize the Pitch, Tone, and accent for NYC, southern, surfer, international etc.

Player’s participation in FIBA Olympics and World Championships:

The gamers can also get the FIBA and Olympic license for the ability to choose their players to represent the country in the Olympics and World Championships. Also, it could be included in Associations where they would be able to pick their own country’s squad every 2 and 4 years.

More Customization and Sharing Options:

In MyGM and MyLEAGUE, there’s a room for improvement. Like, more customization power should be given to gamers regarding their player’s looks and features. Add a variety of suits and other styles of clothing like a jacket, some casual wear, or sporting wear like Nike undershirts.The hairstyling, the dress up and most importantly the shoes all could be modified. Now, even if the players get to modify these things they aren’t able to share it with the community. That is one must needed provision to allow them to share their creations.

A Highlight Show:

A highlight show that will include all the recaps, all the NBA actions around the league in the form of visual highlights. These Highlights should include:

  • Top 10 List for best dunks / plays / assists of the night / week / month / year.
  • If you win the Finals, plays of the year for your team
  • Game recaps and box scores
  • All transactions, rumors, and news
  • Notable statistics: player or coach milestones, broken records, winning streaks, etc.
  • Draft predictions, analysis, and recap
  • End of seasons awards
  • Playoffs and Finals edition
  • Owner’s Franchise
  • There can be an extension of association mode that will give full control to the owner of the Franchise regarding stuff like:
  • Team relocation
  • An audio database with the top 100 cities so announcers will say the full name (i.e. “Las Vegas Kings).
  • Setting prices for tickets, merchandise, parking, food, etc.
  • Dynamic attendance revenue
  • Act as the Team Editor to change team colors, logo, etc.
  • Sign the GM, staff, and coaches
  • Ability to sign retired players as coaches
  • Owner goals like profitability, fan happiness, player happiness, etc.


Be able to put team NAME on jersey instead of logo. Create alternate jersey for created team and put the city name on one jersey and team name on the other jersey.

Press Conferences:

Add more questions and add more press conferences. Not just post game; but pre-game, on-court halftime interviews, and playoff press conferences also add some interaction with teammates and staff.

End-of-Year Awards:

An award ceremony video would be cool. Award-winning players like MVP, Sixth Man, Defensive Player, Most Improved, Rookie of the Year, and Coach of the Year could walk on stage and receive their honor from Basket Ball dignitaries.

Personality Traits:

All the players cannot have similar personalities. Their temperament should vary and that should be visible in the game. Give us a list of personalities we can choose from when we create our player. These personalities could range from- Cocky, Laid Back, Optimistic, Neutral, Selfish, Family man, etc.

Let us see now what of these features grab the developer’s attention and how we get to see them in the game.

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11 Responses

  1. zaveon bobbitt says:

    add more archetypes

  2. Jason Foose says:

    Add more things to MY Career, Season, and Longshot.

  3. Jeff Stroble says:

    Aw,c’mon,man.I wanna play on a team in my 40s.I was saving up for NBA2K19.
    I was looking forward to playing NBA2K19 on my Xbox360 because the Golden State Warriors are moving back to San Francisco next year and Kyrie Irving is playing for the Celtics.But no,2KSports has to discontinue Xbox360 because America is getting younger and not older!

  4. Jared Hendricks says:

    It would be cool if the 2k programmers added the ability to join D-League or Euroleague teams as an option before being drafted or to choose where you started from. I hope people will back me up on this as I see this as a whole new way to introduce people to the lower levels of pro sports and international leagues

  5. Lamonthampton says:

    Add more questions and add more press conferences. Not just post game; but pre-game, on-court halftime interviews, and playoff press conferences also add some interaction with teammates and staff. Add the nba draft back and add the tnt scorebord back please cause Im tired of that block scorebord add more gear for your myplayer add mouth guards and face masks so If we decide to put a masks on are myplayer Even If we not hurt thanks If you dont add all this at lease add the tnt score bord and some mouth gaurds

  6. Noah Cortez says:

    Start of with a higher overall. It’s not realistic to be a 60 overall and being a star. Coming out of college

  7. Anthony whittle says:

    Can yall still put the Halloween glasses in nba 2k19

  8. Daniel says:

    I want The euroleauge Teams and Other Euro Teams like partizan belgrad and barcelona aus worldchampionchip olympia a higer Overall like 78 thats what i whis

  9. Darrius Bovain says:

    why cant u just change the graphics for 2k19 and all the other 2ks for xbox 360 ps3

  10. Andre' says:

    Add the wnba teams in 2k19.

  11. jay says:

    can you guys put designer wear

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