• August 31, 2021

NBA Finals: Who wins and who loses?

NBA Playoffs: Who will win?The NBA’s playoff picture has always been a mess, but with the NBA’s first game of the Finals scheduled to start tonight, we’ve got a better sense of the picture now.Here’s what we know so far.

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NFL: NFL odds and rankings yesterday

NBA odds and ratings today: 1.Dallas Mavericks, +100 NBA odds: 1 Cleveland Cavaliers, -100 NBA scores today: 4 Cleveland Cavaliers -110 Charlotte Hornets -100 New Orleans Pelicans -105 Utah Jazz -100 Memphis Grizzlies -100 Indiana Pacers -105 Boston Celtics -105 Charlotte Hornets +100 Miami Heat +100 Chicago Bulls -105 Detroit Pistons -105 Atlanta Hawks +100…

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