• August 19, 2021

NBA playoffs: Who’s on fire?

On Saturday, the NBA’s playoff races will be decided in Cleveland, Miami, Orlando, Sacramento, Atlanta and New Orleans.Those are the four teams in contention for the conference finals and a chance to grab the top seed in the first round.Here’s who you need to know.1.Cleveland Cavaliers (1-0) LeBron James leads the way for a title…

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How the Nba YoungBoy Merch Store is changing the way you look at the NBA, says rapper, in a new interview

I think we’re all familiar with the NBA as a product, a league.But for some, it’s a culture that they’re trying to create.I love the NBA.It’s just that I love that there’s this constant evolution of it that you can’t quite keep up with.So for me, I wanted to create something where people could find…

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How much did Reggie Jackson have to pay for his Lakers jersey?

The NBA’s newest star, Reggie Jackson, will be wearing his new jersey during tomorrow’s All-Star Game, but not just because he has a new team.The Los Angeles Lakers announced this morning that Jackson, who was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans in March, will wear his No. 8 during the game.But the Lakers won’t be…

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