• July 3, 2021

What we learned from the first NBA draft: The first half

The NBA draft order came into effect Thursday, and the first half of the league season has already started.The NBA’s teams will have a full slate of games to play before the draft begins.Here are the first 30 picks in the NBA draft lottery:1.Oklahoma City Thunder (24)2.Phoenix Suns (20)3.Detroit Pistons (17)4.Brooklyn Nets (14)5.Sacramento Kings (11)6.Milwaukee…

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‘You Can’t Have Everything’: Obama’s NBA Draft Order Is A Problem

Obama’s basketball draft order has been a major sticking point during the past two weeks.The White House announced on Monday that the president will draft a team with an average of 16 picks, with an 11th pick at No. 1 and three at No .3.It’s not clear how much the president’s team will be worth,…

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