• August 16, 2021

What happened to the Lakers?

What’s happened to a team that’s been a fixture on the NBA’s radar for years?After all, the Lakers have won the past 10 regular-season NBA championships, and just two more than the current Lakers team, the New York Knicks.And the team’s front office has been an active part of the NBA for years, and for…

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NAB Draft: Who will make the NAB AFL Draft teams?

NBA draft picks tend to be underwhelming at the NBL level, with a few notable exceptions.In fact, many fans were disappointed to see that the Warriors and Hawks failed to make the cut, but this draft will be no different.The NAB’s draft order has been a little more predictable, and in that regard the Nets…

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How to watch the NBA Finals from Washington D.C.

The Wizards will play the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA finals for the fifth time.The Wizards have never lost to the Lakers, but they have not won in Los Angeles since Jan. 10, 2019, when the Wizards beat the Lakers 110-108.In this game, the Wizards are hoping to win their fifth straight NBA championship.Washington…

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