• December 1, 2021

Why the NBA 2K18 score leaders are still undefeated

The score leaderboards are still the most accurate predictor of future NBA games and have become the go-to tool in sports betting, with teams from the NBA Finals through the NBA Playoffs and beyond using them.They’ve become an important way to keep track of who’s on the right track and to predict who’ll win.But what…

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How to make the playoffs for the NBA Finals this year

If the Cavaliers are to make it to the NBA finals, they will need to win two of the last three games of the regular season, which starts on March 4.They also need to do so against the Golden State Warriors in the conference finals.The Cavaliers were expected to finish the regular-season with a winning…

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Celtics draft a new point guard: Celtics.com

Celtics GM Danny Ainge says the team has no plans to trade point guard Isaiah Thomas.The Celtics signed Thomas to a four-year, $54 million contract last offseason, and the team made him a restricted free agent.Thomas was projected to earn $10 million per season in the final year of his contract.He also reportedly is not…

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