• July 3, 2021

What we learned from the first NBA draft: The first half

The NBA draft order came into effect Thursday, and the first half of the league season has already started.

The NBA’s teams will have a full slate of games to play before the draft begins.

Here are the first 30 picks in the NBA draft lottery:1.

Oklahoma City Thunder (24)2.

Phoenix Suns (20)3.

Detroit Pistons (17)4.

Brooklyn Nets (14)5.

Sacramento Kings (11)6.

Milwaukee Bucks (10)7.

Portland Trail Blazers (9)8.

Minnesota Timberwolves (8)9.

Los Angeles Lakers (7)10.

Chicago Bulls (6)11.

Golden State Warriors (5)12.

Dallas Mavericks (4)13.

Charlotte Hornets (3)14.

Atlanta Hawks (2)15.

Los Angles Clippers (1)16.

Boston Celtics (1)”The first round of the NBA Draft is here,” Commissioner Adam Silver said Thursday.

“Now it’s time to look ahead and get ready to watch this event unfold.

We’re all looking forward to the next chapter of the 2017 NBA season.”

The first-round pick will be announced on Friday.

The first-overall pick will take place Saturday in Atlanta.

The first overall pick will become the second-highest-paid player in the league, and will go to a team with a franchise record-setting payroll.

The NBA has historically been a team draft lottery, and is the first to use a draft lottery system since 2007.

The league also changed the way teams are compensated after the 2015-16 lockout.

The salary cap increased to $100 million from $100.2 million in 2016-17, and teams were awarded a percentage of the first-rounder for each player selected.

The 2016 NBA Draft was held in Philadelphia from Jan. 10-13.