• June 17, 2021

Watch: Tony Romo and Dak Prescott’s ‘Dance Party’ on Twitter

On Sunday, Tony Romo tweeted a photo of himself and Dak on a dance floor with a caption: “Dance party in the house.”

It was a photo shared on social media and was retweeted more than 50,000 times.

The Cowboys star and rookie quarterback has been involved in a few dance parties with his family, including one in the family’s home in the summer of 2016.

In the Instagram photo, Romo was seen holding his son Prescott’s hand.

“Dak is a talented athlete and I know he loves being around his dad, but it’s important for him to understand that being a father doesn’t end when he’s born,” Romo said.

The Cowboys have a new team president this year, but they have yet to announce the new team name.

A source close to Romo told ABC News that he plans to keep dancing at the team’s games, but he won’t have a DJ or a microphone.

Kanye West said he had the chance to meet Romo after a Cowboys game last season.

It’s not the first time the two have had a dance party together.

On May 15, 2017, Romo and his family attended a Cowboys home game in Dallas.

In May 2016, Romo danced to the music of a couple who had just bought a house in their community.

Cameron Esposito is a senior writer at ABC News and the ABC News Digital Editor.