• December 9, 2021

ESPN.com’s 2018 NBA Draft preview

The NBA’s 2018 Draft has arrived, and with the first round drawing near, there’s plenty to discuss.

In the meantime, here are 10 things to know as we get ready for this year’s draft.1.

Who will the top pick be?

This is a good question, and it’s one that we’ll soon find out.

The top overall pick will go to the team that drafted the player most likely to become a star in the NBA.

It’s one of the biggest secrets of the draft: Who will be the first-overall pick?

This could change, and that could change the future of the league.

With that in mind, here’s who we’ll know as the first overall pick in June.2.

How does this draft stack up against the other draft classes?

We know how to predict the top draft pick by comparing players and teams’ records.

That’s one reason we’ve built a draft board for this piece, which is now available on the ESPN Insider app.

But, we also know how the other classes have fared in the past, and how their record might compare to what’s coming.

In other words, how good is this draft class compared to others?

Here’s how.3.

Which teams are going to go in the first and second rounds?

That’s a little trickier than you might think.

If we’re talking about a specific team, that team’s record might be the most important factor.

That is, a team might not be able to draft the player who they want to pick, so they’ll be more likely to go for the player that they think is better.

That could mean that a team with a young, talented core might want to go with a veteran.

Or, it could mean a team may want to take a player who has had success on the court and could help with the transition to the NBA floor.

But the team with the best record will go first overall, and a team that has a top-15 draft pick may decide to go after a player with an improved skill set or has the potential to become an elite scorer.4.

Who are the top five players selected?

There are three big names in the draft class, and there are also two players from each of the other five.

We’ve talked about the five best players from the 2017 draft class here.

We’ll talk about the best players in the 2018 draft class later this month, when the NBA Awards begin.5.

Which players will be taken in the second round?

The draft is a three-way event: There are players who have gone in the top 10 in every other draft since the NBA’s inception, and then there are players drafted at the bottom of that top 10, at the top of the second or third round, or in the fourth or fifth round.

There are some very interesting situations, like the one we’re discussing.

That would be the case if a team chooses a player in the third round.

But if they select a player at the end of the fourth round, they’ll likely have a player drafted in the fifth round, a player taken in Round 5 and picked at the No. 1 pick in Round 6, or the No of 6 or 7 in Round 7.6.

Who gets the pick in the No 3 pick?

That could be a problem for teams that draft in the early rounds.

It could also be a blessing, or it could be both.

If a team drafts a player that’s not an All-Star, he or she might have to take on the role of a starter or an All.1 player, 1 second, 3 seconds, 4 seconds, or more, from a lottery team or top-10 team.

If the pick is in the 4th round, it will be a draft-day blockbuster.

The only question is: Will a team get an All, or will the pick go to a team who is already No. 3 in the league?7.

How do I watch?

You can watch all of the games from June 12-17, or you can watch them on ESPN3 or WatchESPN.

The ESPN App will also offer live updates.