• November 30, 2021

How to draft LeBron James in the NFL Draft

The draft’s first week is still a ways away and it will soon be over, but there are some big names to consider for the NFL draft.

Here are a few of the top candidates to be drafted in the first round, according to ESPN’s draft guru Bill Barnwell:• Cleveland Browns (Round 2, pick No. 22): Cornerback DeShone Kizer• San Diego Chargers (Round 3, pick Nos.

25-28): Running back Melvin Gordon• Detroit Lions (Round 4, pick 37): Wide receiver Calvin Johnson• New Orleans Saints (Round 5, pick 46): Safety Kenny VaccaroThe second round is a little more murky.

With the Patriots selecting CB Marcus Peters, there are several quarterbacks who are going to be at the top of the draft.

That means that the Browns would have to find someone else to take him.

It’s hard to imagine them giving up a pick for him.• Jacksonville Jaguars (Round 1, pick 44): Wideout Eric EbronThe Dolphins are the first team to trade down in the draft, but they may want to do it this time.

They’re looking to get a receiver with a ton of upside and are going with the one who has the most upside in this class: Ebron.

The Lions are going after the most talented receiver in the entire draft with their second pick.• New England Patriots (Round 8, pick 57): Safety Devin McCourtyThe Patriots are going in the same direction as the Lions.

They’ve moved down in their draft and now want to move up.

They’d love to grab McCourties physical ability and ability to run routes.

But they need someone to help protect the QB from the pass rush.• Tennessee Titans (Round 12, pick 71): Cornerbacks T.J. Green and Jalen RamseyThe Titans are going the opposite direction as they did in the second round last year.

They picked up a lot of defensive talent at the end of the second and have a lot in the top 10.

But the Bills and Bengals are going one direction, with their picks.

Ramsey is a safety and Green is a cornerback.

Both of those guys are in their late 20s.

If they both make the team, they could be in the Hall of Fame.

The Bills might not have the cap space to keep both, but the Titans have the potential to have a top-10 defense with a lot more young talent.• San Francisco 49ers (Round 17, pick 76): Offensive tackle Laremy TunsilThe 49ers are going back to the top in the next round, but that might not be enough.

The Titans are the only team in the last 10 years that drafted an offensive lineman in the third round.

Tunsill has an excellent chance to be a first-round pick.

The Seahawks were the last team to do that with their first-rounder in 2015.

The 49er’s offense was a bit inconsistent, but Tunsi is a big-play threat who is extremely explosive.

He’s also a leader.

T.Y. Hilton and Colin Kaepernick have also been able to thrive in Tunsidys role.• Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Round 19, pick 93): Safety DeMarcus WalkerThe Buccaneers could use another safety, but Walker is the only one on the board who has experience at the position.

The Patriots are looking to add speed and they want to add another playmaker.

Walker is a smart player with great hands.• Seattle Seahawks (Round 22, pick 103): Corner safety Kam ChancellorThe Seahawks are not afraid to go in the middle of the first.

They may have the best defensive back in this draft and they could go in any direction in the fourth round.

But Chancellor is the guy to be concerned about.

He is an elite defender.• Cleveland Vikings (Round 25, pick 113): Defensive end Sheldon RankinsThe Vikings would love to add more athleticism to their defense, but rankins has the best athleticism of any defensive end in this year’s draft.

The only way the Vikings could add more is by trading down.

The Browns would probably have to give up a top pick.

But if they do it, the Vikings would have a chance to get another top player in this season’s draft and make a run at a Super Bowl.• Indianapolis Colts (Round 26, pick 133): Wide receivers Mike Williams and DeVante ParkerThe Colts could use some speed.

Williams is a physical threat and Parker is a playmaker in the slot.

Williams has the size to be an elite receiver, but he is a bit of a work in progress.

He could use more work at the line of scrimmage.• Carolina Panthers (Round 31, pick 151): Defensive tackle Kawann ShortThe Panthers are going all in on the defensive line and could be the team to go to the third pick.

They have a big need there, but Short could be an ideal fit there.

He was a standout at the Senior Bowl and is a freak athlete.• Denver Broncos (Round 32