• December 1, 2021

What’s happening with the NBA trade rumors?

With the NBA playoffs set to kick off tonight, the NBA is expected to have some major news to share about upcoming trades as the season gets underway.

While there’s been some buzz regarding some of the upcoming trade talks, there’s not been much information shared yet about who will be on the block and what the impact will be.

According to The Associated Press, the Sacramento Kings will be looking to add to their core of three guards who are under contract through 2019.

They have been rumored to be shopping two other veterans, but sources say that will not be the case.

That means the Kings will not only be looking for a young player in a trade, but it will also be in a position to acquire a veteran player as well.

According the AP, Sacramento is in talks to send center Marcus Thornton and forward Marcus Morris to the Phoenix Suns.

Both players are under guaranteed contracts and would be able to sign with Sacramento.

That would leave a big void in the Kings frontcourt, but would also give them more cap flexibility for next season.

The Suns would have to pay a huge amount to get them over the salary cap and they would also have to be willing to let them go.

That could leave the Kings as a team that is willing to give up some salary for a veteran that they can use in a future trade.

However, the Suns have said they will not offer Thornton to Sacramento and Morris to Phoenix, and that they would be willing offer Thornton a contract extension in the near future.

Phoenix and Sacramento could be headed for a blockbuster.

Phoenix is already in talks with Denver and has reportedly offered him $10 million a year, while Sacramento has been trying to lock up a veteran big man for a while now.

If they can do both of those, they could make some serious noise in free agency.

The Kings have the cap space to do both, and would not need to pay Thornton or Morris a massive amount in free agent contracts to make them a serious threat.