• November 25, 2021

What we know about the NBA draft order

The NBA draft is a bit of a mystery.

The last draft was in 2021 and there’s a lot of chatter about how it will be conducted.

That’s why I’m looking at this year’s draft as the best yet.

If the NBA doesn’t get a big haul of talent it will likely end up with a lot fewer players than usual.

But here are my picks for the best players in the class, and what it could mean for the future of the NBA.


Kentucky Wildcats: Marcus Paige, PG, Louisville This is a very interesting pick, given the Kentucky Wildcats’ talent, but I think this could go either way.

Paige is a player who can create space for his teammates, and he’s also an excellent shot-blocker.

He’s a great athlete, too.

The Wildcats also have a strong bench, so it makes sense that they’d take him in the second round.


Kansas Jayhawks: Jalen Brunson, SG, Texas A&M I’m not sure that the Jayhawks should draft a point guard in the first round, but they should at least take one in the third.

Brunson is a solid defender with a nice jump shot, and his size is nice to have in a backcourt.


Oregon Ducks: Deandre Burnett, SF, North Carolina This pick is a little bit trickier.

The Ducks have a nice backcourt, but their big men aren’t very versatile.

Burnett is a really good shooter and can score with his legs, and is a good rebounder.

It would be hard to pass on him.


Texas A & M: Jabari Parker, PF, Duke He’s an excellent shooter and a good ball handler.

He could play big, and I think he’ll be an excellent defender at the next level.

He can also play power forward and power forward-ish.


Michigan State Spartans: DeAndre Ayton, SG/SF, Gonzaga He has the skills to be a really great player at the college level, and if he continues to develop he could be an elite defender.


Oklahoma Sooners: Zach Collins, SG & SF, Kansas This is the pick that most of the pros will probably want, and it’s the pick of a lot more people.

The Oklahoma Soonings have a ton of potential at this point, and Collins is an elite shooter.


Michigan Wolverines: Devin Booker, PG/SG, Duke This is one of the top offensive guards in the draft, and Booker is the most versatile player in this draft.

Booker can shoot, he can pass, he has good size, and the Wolverines also have an elite bench.


North Carolina Tar Heels: Nick Van Exel, PF/C, Kansas I’m really intrigued by the Tar Heel’s frontcourt.

Van Exle’s length and shooting ability make him a great offensive option at the top of the draft.

He would also be an absolute steal at the third spot.


Syracuse Orange: Myles Turner, PG Jr., Texas This is another guy who will be a nice fit in a triangle offense, and Turner is the best shooter in this class.

He has good shooting touch and he has a good feel for the game.

He might be a bit undersized, but he could become a really nice player at his position.


Oregon State Beavers: Marcus Davis, PF Jr., North Carolina I think Davis is a perfect fit for a team with a great frontcourt, especially with the addition of a point-guard.

He also has a lot to offer as a scorer who can play multiple positions.


Iowa Hawkeyes: Dontre Wilson, SF Jr., Syracuse This pick might be the hardest to predict, given Wilson’s athleticism and shooting.

He was ranked the No. 3 player in the country last season, and will be an amazing shooter.

Wilson could also become an excellent rebounder and passer.


Iowa State Cyclones: D’Angelo Russell, SG Jr., UCLA The Cyclones have a lot going for them.

They’re a team that has a ton going for it, and Russell is a big part of that.

Russell is an excellent passer and shot-creator, and can also run the floor.


Connecticut Huskies: Marcus Smart, SG Sr., Michigan He’s one of those guys that can play both forward and center, and you have to love his versatility.

He played point guard at Michigan State, and could be a great fit for an up-tempo offense.


Arizona Wildcats: Malik Monk, SG Soph., Duke I’m still in the process of getting to know Monk, but the Wildcats have a really talented backcourt that could really benefit from the veteran leadership he brings.


Michigan St. Spartans: Jahlil Okafor, PG Sr., Duke The Spartans are the biggest surprise of the entire draft.

I think Okafons size and ability to