• October 28, 2021

How to make the playoffs for the NBA Finals this year

If the Cavaliers are to make it to the NBA finals, they will need to win two of the last three games of the regular season, which starts on March 4.

They also need to do so against the Golden State Warriors in the conference finals.

The Cavaliers were expected to finish the regular-season with a winning record.

The Warriors have won 11 straight, including seven of nine games, since the All-Star break.

But they’ve been inconsistent, with a season-high nine losses in a row in the first four games.

The Warriors have a winning percentage of 50.3 percent and are averaging 98.9 points per game.

They have the league’s best record, but it’s been a struggle to win games against teams that have lost two or more games.

They’ve lost four of five in Cleveland.

Cleveland has the NBA’s third-best record at 35-11.

With the Warriors playing with four key players out due to injury, the Cavaliers need to play at a high level to earn a wild-card spot.

If they lose to the Golden States, they would have to win three straight games to avoid a second-round bye.

If the Cavs win two games, they can play the winner of the Celtics-Bulls series in the second round.

If the Cavaliers lose both, they need to get at least three wins in a game against the defending champions.

They would need to beat the Golden Knicks on March 16 to advance.

This is the first time since the NBA lockout in 2014 that the Cavs have played a playoff game since Jan. 1.

On Tuesday, LeBron James and Kevin Love were awarded MVP awards after beating the Golden Suns in a close game.

The Cavs have won eight straight games, including three straight at home.

The team has also won 12 of the past 15 games.