• October 11, 2021

Which teams are the best at winning NBA Finals?

The NBA Finals, the most watched sports event in the world, is over.

But with a record number of teams vying for a spot in the final, the biggest question is whether these teams can even win it all.

Here’s our list of the best teams to ever lace up the boots in the NBA Finals.1.

Los Angeles Lakers (1992 NBA Finals)The Lakers were one of the most dominant teams in the history of professional basketball.

In the 1992 NBA Finals they faced the Los Angeles Clippers.

This time, the Lakers had the best record in the East and were headed to the NBA Championship.

Losers: The New York Knicks, Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76ers, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Atlanta and Indiana.

Los Angeles finished in first place and earned a championship, which they have never won in 20 years.

Los Angels fans should be very happy with the team’s progress, and will definitely be rooting for them to win it again.2.

Boston Celtics (2011 NBA Finals vs. Toronto Raptors)A couple of years ago, we gave the Boston Celtics the title of the greatest team in NBA history.

They had the second best record and a championship.

The Celtics have had many great teams, but this one stands above them all.

Boston won the first two championships, but they were not able to match up against the teams in their conference.

The Cavs, Hawks and Raptors have had the most success.

Boston’s record was great enough to beat LeBron James in his first championship, but the Celtics were unable to take advantage.3.

Miami Heat (1991 NBA Finals against Philadelphia 76, 2000 NBA Finals @ Houston Rockets)Miami is an underdog.

It lost to the Boston Patriots and the Atlanta Hawks in the Finals, but its a very difficult task to beat a team with a good record.

Miami won the series and a second straight championship, losing in seven games.4.

New York (1991, NBA Finals and 1997 NBA Finals at New York Nets)After the Celtics lost in seven to the Celtics in the 1991 NBA Finals for the third time in four years, New York was the first team to win in four consecutive years.

This team, led by Larry Bird and Ray Allen, was one of five teams to win five straight championships, along with the Los Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees.

The team that won four championships in five years also had one of those two teams in 2000, the Boston Clippers.5.

Indiana Pacers (2011, NBA Draft and 2010 NBA Finals Game 7 vs. Philadelphia 76)The Pacers have a solid foundation, but not the stars to match.

They have some solid players, but Indiana is a team that has had some struggles.

Their record in this series is 6-14.6.

San Antonio (1991 Finals vs Chicago Bulls)The Spurs are one of these teams that has been the biggest disappointment of the entire season.

They are one team that is on a long losing streak, losing three consecutive games to the Lakers, Bulls and Hawks.

In this series, the Spurs did not get to play well enough to win, but when you play like this, it makes you want to play harder.7.

Milwaukee Bucks (2011 Finals vs Golden State Warriors)The Bucks have had a rough stretch in the playoffs.

They lost in the second round of the playoffs to the Houston Rockets, and have yet to win a game in the first round of a series.

In 2010, Milwaukee lost in five games to Oklahoma City.

In 2011, they lost in six games to Cleveland.8.

Boston (2009 NBA Finals versus Phoenix Suns)The Celtics are one win away from being a title contender.

They face the Phoenix Suns, a team which had the worst record in basketball last season.

Boston is one of four teams that have won four straight championships.

However, the Celtics did not have much of a run, losing to the New York Jets in five, and the Dallas Mavericks in six.9.

New Orleans (1992, NBA Championship)The Pelicans had a great run in 1992, finishing the season with a championship and a third consecutive NBA championship.

New Orleanians also won their third straight title in 1995.

The Pelicans won the title in 1993 and 1996, but were unable, in the series finale, to defeat the Miami Heat.10.

New Jersey Nets (2012 NBA Finals – Game 7)The New Jersey Devils had a decent season, finishing with a 22-20 record and winning two straight games against the San Antonio Stars.

The Devils finished with a win in both of their games against Boston.

However in Game 7, the Devils fell behind by four with two minutes left, but scored the last six points of the game to take the lead.11.

Miami (2016 NBA Finals Series vs. Golden State)A huge underdog.

The Heat were a huge underdog against the Warriors last year, and it looks like they will be even bigger this year