• October 8, 2021

Which NBA teams have a chance to win the 2000 NBA Finals?

The 2000 NBA finals featured four different NBA teams playing against each other.

All four teams won, but the one that really stood out was the Milwaukee Bucks.

Milwaukee was the only team in the NBA to make the playoffs and advance to the Finals against the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers were led by Kobe Bryant, the reigning MVP, who led the team to the championship.

The 2000 NBA playoff series between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Los Angeles Clippers was a game-changing moment in the history of the NBA.

The game started off slow and the Lakers won the first two games, but Los Angeles responded by sweeping the series in five games.

The Bucks and Clippers ended up going to five games in the Finals.

Milwaukee’s streak of winning the championship was ended by the Los and Lakers.

Here are the NBA teams who finished in the top 10 in 2000.

The Los Angeles Kings won the NBA title.

They finished second to the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were led on offense by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the team finished first in points and steals per game.

The Warriors finished second in points per game, but were second in steals per contest.

The Philadelphia 76ers finished third in points, but finished second with a +11.0 point differential.

The Chicago Bulls finished fourth in points scored and first in offensive rating.

The Atlanta Hawks finished fourth with a -0.9 offensive rating and were the worst team in offensive efficiency in the league.

The New Orleans Pelicans finished fourth at -3.0 offensive rating, but ended up winning the series by a 2-0 score.

The Dallas Mavericks finished fourth, but went to five in the finals and the series went to seven games.

The Indiana Pacers were led offensively by their star point guard, Larry Bird.

Indiana was second in scoring, but led the NBA in rebounds and defensive rating.

They won the championship with a record of 25-5.

The Detroit Pistons were led in scoring by Reggie Miller and the Detroit Pistons finished second and first to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the standings.

The Detroit Pistons lost the championship to the New York Knicks in six games.

Here is the NBA playoff teams who had the best winning percentage in 2000:NBA.com/2000/postseason/players.html#top