• September 29, 2021

How to play the NBA playoffs

The NBA playoffs have been one of the biggest events of the past few seasons, with the likes of the Brooklyn Nets and Miami Heat both finishing in the top three.

The Warriors and Thunder have both beaten the Cavs and Pacers to claim their first playoff wins.

With two games remaining, we are taking a look at the best NBA games of all time.

The FinalsThe Finals are the last of the regular season and the last chance for teams to make it through the playoffs.

It is usually the first game in the second round, so that is usually when the first round begins.

However, the first four rounds are called the first half, so if the teams in the first two rounds are not evenly matched, the teams that finish in the Top 4 and Top 8 will advance.

The first round has been held every year since the league’s inception, but since the NBA has changed so much over the past two decades, we have to take a look back at how the last two years have gone for each team.

The Finals will be held in June, but there is no guarantee the games will be played.

There are four teams left in the conference finals.

The Cavs and Heat will face off on June 4 in Cleveland.

The first half will be the first time teams have played in Cleveland since 2005, so the Cavs have been the best team to beat.

The Cavs have the NBA’s best record at 35-9.

The Heat are 23-5.

The Thunder have been a favorite to win the series since they are tied for the league lead in wins.

They have played two of their last three games against the Cavs, so they have the best record in the league at 29-9 and will have to face the Warriors.

The Thunder have played four of their six games against Golden State and lost in five games.

The Celtics and Lakers have both been eliminated from playoff contention, which leaves the Celtics in the third spot.

The Celtics have the league best record of 24-4 and have won the last three matchups against the Lakers.

The Cavaliers have the most wins of any team in the East.

They are currently fifth in the standings and are coming off a 106-94 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Cavaliers have a two-game lead in the best-of-seven series.

The Jazz are still searching for their first win of the season and have the second-worst record in conference.

They will play the Pistons in Detroit on Sunday.

The Raptors and Kings will meet on Sunday, which will be their first meeting in the playoffs since their 2015 season.

The Raptors are 20-6 since their win over the Pelicans and are looking to repeat as champions.

The Kings are 13-14 since their last loss in the series.