• September 27, 2021

When the NBA season is over, how many players will you miss?

More than a few of the players who will miss the playoffs for the first time in years will be in uniform for this year’s All-Star Game, which starts Monday.

So who will you root for?

The NBA All-Stars and MVPs: The players who won the 2016 NBA championship in Los Angeles will be back on the court this season, but the spotlight will be on a handful of other superstars.

Here’s a look at who you can expect to play a part.

NBA All-stars and MVP candidates: There are three players in the running for the MVP trophy, and they’re all in their prime.

They’re: Kevin Durant, James Harden and Steph Curry.

Durant will be 36 when the All-star break begins, Harden will be 34 and Curry is 31.

The first two players will be the ones who are likely to be on the ballot for the NBA All