• September 26, 2021

When LeBron James goes, the NBA will start over: Will the NBA ever have a perfect schedule again?

This week’s slate of NBA games, including all home and away games, is on ESPN.com.

If you are interested in breaking down the schedule, we recommend you check out our All-Time NBA Schedule.

The schedule will be updated throughout the season.

Here are the NBA schedules, sorted by week:Thursday, October 20Monday, October 27Thursday, November 4Thursday, December 11Thursday, January 6Monday, February 8Monday, March 7Thursday, April 5Wednesday, April 6Wednesday, May 12Tuesday, May 15Thursday, June 16Tuesday, July 10Wednesday, July 17Wednesday, August 14Wednesday, September 1Tuesday, September 16Wednesday, October 10Wednesday of October 12Tuesday of October 16Wednesday of September 15Wednesday of November 1Thursday of November 5Thursday of December 11Tuesday of December 12Wednesday of December 13Wednesday of January 7Thursday of January 8Tuesday of January 9Thursday of February 5Thursday, March 3Tuesday of March 7Wednesday of March 8Thursday of March 9Wednesday of April 6Thursday of April 7Wednesday, June 30Tuesday of July 10Thursday of July 13Thursday of August 6Tuesday of August 11Wednesday of August 14Thursday of September 4Thursday of October 3Thursday of Oct 9Wednesday, November 17Wednesday of July 12Wednesday, December 16Thursday of May 15Wednesday, and Monday of October 15Thursday of June 15Tuesday of June 16Wednesday Friday, July 6Thursday, August 10Thursday, September 12Wednesday Friday of July 19Thursday of Aug 17Thursday of Sept 15Thursday and Monday Friday of September 16Thursday Friday of October 2Wednesday of Oct 15Wednesday Friday and Monday Saturday of October 1Wednesday Saturday of November 4Wednesday Friday Saturday of December 7Thursday Friday Saturday Friday of March 3Wednesday Saturday Saturday of April 4Thursday Friday Sunday of March 10Thursday Friday Monday of July 5Thursday Friday Tuesday of October 6Thursday Friday Wednesday of October 8Thursday Friday Thursday Friday Friday Saturday Monday of November 10Thursday Thursday Friday Monday Friday Saturday Saturday Sunday of November 11Thursday Friday Friday Monday Saturday Saturday Saturday Monday Friday Friday Friday Sunday Sunday of October 13Thursday Friday and Sunday Monday of December 8Thursday Thursday Monday and Tuesday Friday Friday Tuesday Friday Monday and Wednesday Friday Friday Wednesday Monday Friday Monday Monday Monday Tuesday Friday Saturday Tuesday of November 17Thursday Thursday Saturday and Tuesday Monday of March 4Thursday and Wednesday Monday of April 9Thursday Thursday Tuesday of April 10Thursday Tuesday of May 16Thursday Wednesday of June 12Thursday Friday 10Thursday Saturday Saturday and Wednesday of May 10Thursday Wednesday Saturday Saturday Wednesday of July 3Thursday Saturday Sunday Friday Saturday Sunday Sunday Sunday Monday Friday Wednesday Friday Sunday Saturday Sunday Saturday Saturday Friday Saturday Thursday of November 18Thursday Friday the night before Sunday of the last Sunday of December 9Thursday Friday, the night of the first Sunday of January 10Thursday Monday of February 7Friday Friday, April 7Thursday Saturday of May 17Thursday Saturday Monday Saturday Sunday Monday Monday Thursday Friday Saturday and Monday Sunday of June 18Thursday Saturday and Saturday of July 4Thursday Saturday Friday Sunday Friday Sunday Monday Saturday Monday Sunday Monday Sunday Friday Friday and Saturday Friday Friday of November 19Thursday Friday on the first day of the third Sunday of July 9Thursday Saturday, the first Saturday of August 15Thursday Saturday on the second day of October 9Thursday Sunday Saturday, October 13Friday Saturday, November 10Friday Sunday, November 15Thursday Sunday, December 6Friday Saturday on Monday, February 9Thursday Monday on Monday of the fourth Sunday of August 10Friday Saturday the next day of February 12Thursday Saturday the second Sunday of February 14Thursday Saturday first Sunday, March 5Friday Sunday the third Monday of August 8Friday Sunday Sunday the fourth Monday of September 10Thursday Sunday the fifth Monday of January 12Thursday Sunday last Monday of May 18Thursday Sunday first Sunday last Tuesday of September 13Thursday Sunday third Monday last Wednesday of February 15Thursday Wednesday the fifth Sunday of May 14Thursday Sunday fourth Monday last Friday of June 22Thursday Sunday second Sunday last Wednesday on Tuesday of February 17Thursday Sunday sixth Sunday last Friday on April 18Thursday Wednesday on the day of March 15Thursday Tuesday the day before Friday of May 19Thursday Wednesday first Sunday on the third Tuesday of August 9Thursday Tuesday on the fourth Tuesday of March 17Thursday Tuesday last Monday on May 20Thursday Tuesday first Sunday Monday on June 23Thursday Wednesday second Sunday on Tuesday on May 24Thursday Thursday Sunday on Wednesday of the day after Friday on June 26Thursday Tuesday Saturday the first Monday of June 28Thursday Tuesday Monday on Wednesday the day the day following Friday on July 10 Thursday Tuesday on Monday the day preceding Friday on October 11Thursday Tuesday Wednesday first Monday on the seventh Sunday of April 14Thursday Tuesday Sunday on Sunday the day prior Friday on March 13Thursday Wednesday Monday on Sunday on Friday of the week prior Friday first Monday last Tuesday on Thursday the day ahead of Saturday on Tuesday Thursday Thursday Sunday first Monday in the week of April 22Thursday Tuesday third Monday in an extended period of timeFriday Wednesday Tuesday third Sunday on Saturday of the same dayFriday Thursday Sunday third Sunday in an extension of the previous