• September 23, 2021

How to Watch NBA Draft 2018: The Big 3 | ESPN 2

With the draft drawing near and a few days away, it’s time to look ahead to where the first round will take place.

The first round is shaping up to be one of the most exciting drafts in NBA history, as the league will be looking for players that can improve on what they accomplished in their rookie seasons.

Here’s how we rank the three biggest needs of the 2017 NBA Draft.1.

The Celtics: PG Isaiah Whitehead, Washington State, 6-8: The Celtics are one of a handful of teams that will be in the market for an elite shooting guard.

While Isaiah Whitehouse is a great shooter, he’s a big-time scorer, so his value to the Celtics is likely limited by his length.

With that said, his ability to score inside and out would give them a great option on the wing.2.

The Raptors: SG Markelle Fultz, Washington, 6.7: Fultz is one of those players that have the potential to be the top pick in the draft.

He’s got great length, he can shoot the ball, he scores the ball and he’s versatile enough to play both the small forward spot and the wing position.

His scoring and shooting are great.

Fultz could also help the Raptors out defensively, as his size, athleticism and ability to finish could allow them to create for each other and get out in transition.3.

The Heat: SF Devin Booker, Kentucky, 6: Booker is a versatile player who can do it all for the Heat.

He has an excellent range off the dribble and has the potential for great offensive upside.

His length is also impressive, and his size makes him a great player to pair with LeBron James.4.

The Clippers: PG De’Aaron Fox, Kansas, 6/9: Fox could be the best shooter of the three if he’s able to stay healthy.

He could be an elite scorer if he stays healthy, but the Clippers are not going to draft a player with that kind of upside.

The addition of Lonzo Ball should help him score in a big way, but he will need to improve his rebounding to have a chance.5.

The Thunder: PG Josh Jackson, Gonzaga, 6½/9½: The Thunder need help in the backcourt and Jackson is the perfect fit.

He can shoot from the perimeter, play the post and can score on his own.

Jackson can also help out in the frontcourt and is a solid defender.6.

The Spurs: PG Aaron Gordon, Texas, 6./10: Gordon is one the most athletic players in the 2017 draft class and he could become one of our most valuable players.

He should have a long career as a point guard and could be a big reason why the Spurs are in the mix.7.

The Lakers: SG Deandre Ayton, Baylor, 6/?/11: Ayton is one hell of a shooter and a fantastic defender.

He also is athletic enough to be an effective defender and should be able to contribute offensively.8.

The Timberwolves: PG Jahlil Okafor, Duke, 6.?/12: Okaon is a big body who can shoot, play both ends of the floor and can guard multiple positions.

He is a good rebounder and passer, and is capable of being a starter.9.

The Warriors: PF Ben Simmons, LSU, 6?/13: Simmons is a fantastic offensive player who could be in line for a huge breakout year if he continues to grow and develop.

He shoots well from deep and has great range, making him a huge plus defender.10.

The Bulls: PG Noah Vonleh, Kentucky., 6/?: Vonle Henson is an elite rebounder who can make an impact on both ends.

Vonle is an excellent offensive player, and he can score in the paint and be a plus defender as well.11.

The Wizards: PG Joel Embiid, Kansas., 6/10: Embiiden is an athletic wing player who is a huge threat from the free throw line.

He might be able get some points off the bench, but his ability on the offensive end should make him a star in the NBA.12.

The Suns: PG Jabari Parker, LSU., 6./12?: Parker has the physical tools to be a starter in the league.

He shot well in college and should have an outstanding career as an offensive threat.