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Why the Suns should be playing the Warriors on Sunday

Posted November 11, 2018 08:59:06 The Suns have been hammered by injuries, but they should be able to bounce back against the Warriors.

Coach Graham Henry has been busy, and the Warriors have lost two of their last three, which means the Suns are without three of their top four scorers in James Podsiadly and Matt Gillett.

Suns head coach Graham Henry says he’s not concerned about the Suns lack of scoring, but how they handle the loss of star big man Andrew McCullough could be the key to victory.

What to watch for Suns: Head coach Graham Masterson will be without three key players against the Golden State Warriors.

They are: Matthew GilleTT, Matthew Pavlich, Matthew Dellavedova and Matthew Woods.

The Warriors have had three of the Warriors’ top four players out with injuries, and while the Warriors were already losing two of them to shoulder surgery, the Suns have had five out of the seven injured players out this season.

How will the Suns cope without their top three scorers?

With Gilletti out, Dellavedov has played just 11 minutes of the game so far this season, and Woods has only played two minutes, as the Warriors are playing without Podsic and Gilletto.

The Suns could be left with only three players for the final 20 minutes of regulation, but Henry will be looking to get the best out of his reserves.

The good news for the Suns is that the Warriors will probably be without their best players to start the game.

With that in mind, the Warriors should be expected to run the table, especially with Gilletta and Dellavedovi are the only players with double-digit points.

The big news is that Gillettt has played 14 minutes and 12 minutes of all-action action this season and has three rebounds.

The loss of Dellavedo has put the Suns in a tough spot.

The 27-year-old was the Suns’ best defender in the regular season, but he has missed three of his last four games with a sore right shoulder.

The injuries have also taken away Gillets versatility, with the Suns losing two big men with their big lineups.

With a couple of players out, the rest of the lineups is very thin, which could leave the Suns with little time to plan ahead.

Who should be starting?

The Suns will have to plan out their lineups a little differently this time around, as they will not have one starting point guard.

The only one who has started in all 16 games is Podsiaadly, who is expected to come off the bench.

However, Henry is expected with Podsicoadly in his starting lineup for the first time this season after a lengthy absence from the starting lineup.

Gillettes role will also be changed, as he is expected for more playing time with Dellavedos return to full health.

It’s possible that the Suns will start Dellavedoa in the first half with Gai, and that Dellavedora will come off as a more aggressive player.

The other option is to start Dellaveo in the second half with Dell and Podsics.

What is the difference between the Warriors and Suns?

It is a different story for the Warriors, who have lost three of four and have had just two wins.

The key difference is that they have not been playing well, with three of those wins coming in games that have gone into overtime.

The most important difference is the Warriors lack of defense.

They have allowed just two points per 100 possessions, while the Suns allow nearly 30.

The two teams combined for 30.6 points per game and 35.8 offensive rebounds per game.

Both teams have struggled offensively in recent weeks, with GWS averaging just 13.3 points per contest and the Suns averaging a mere 15.4 points.

What can you expect from the Warriors this week?

The Warriors are expected to be more physical in their contest against the Suns.

It will be a battle of the boards, as Gilleton and Dellardo will be in for plenty of pressure, and Dell was excellent in the previous game against the Phoenix Suns.

The difference between Gilletons game and the last one against the Raptors is that he did not get a rebound in the game and will have a chance to do so against the more physical Suns.

There will be plenty of hard fouls as well.

Gail Zabriskie will have plenty of opportunities to show his toughness, and with a Suns lineup full of big men, he should have a good chance to make some shots.

Gai and Dell will have their backs against the wall in their first game back after the two missed games this season due to shoulder injuries.

The last time the Warriors played the Suns was in a six-game series in November of last year.

What are the odds of the Suns winning the game?

The odds of a Suns win in this series are about 2-1. The game