• August 19, 2021

Why I’m wearing this shirt

I have a lot of respect for the NBA, but sometimes I feel like it’s all about me.

It’s not about being a part of a winning team.

It isn’t about being in a good mood.

I think the NBA is about the best fans in the world.

That’s the only reason why I’m not wearing this NBA jersey.

But the fans want something different.

I’m going to try and show my support for them.

So I’m still wearing the old jersey.

I just didn’t want to throw it away.

It was a hard decision, but the only way I can be supportive is by wearing it, no matter what it is.

If they feel like they need something more than that, I’ll be happy to wear it.

The jersey is a tribute to my father, who died of leukemia in 1991.

The only time I can wear it now is when the NBA Playoffs are happening.

It makes me feel special.

It feels like I’m part of the history of the NBA.

I was born a basketball player and my dad was a pro basketball player.

So he always played on the best teams.

So that jersey was always a special part of my family.

I wore it as a kid and my parents always wore it.

When my dad died, I always thought it was my last jersey.

It wasn’t until I was 16 that I realized I wasn’t wearing it anymore.

I love wearing it and I love all my fans, but I’m a little sad that it’s no longer in the house.