• August 19, 2021

NBA Awards 2019: The best young players and teams

The NBA Awards is back.

And it’s time to crown the league’s best young player.

The Golden State Warriors, who won the MVP award in 2019, are a close second.

The Los Angeles Lakers are third, while the Cleveland Cavaliers are fourth.

Here’s a look at the winners and losers of the award, and who is deserving of a spot at the 2017 NBA Awards:Best Player: Kevin Durant, Thunder(23.9%)Kevin Durant is one of the most versatile players in the NBA.

He can play at small forward, center, power forward, point guard, and even as the point guard on a line.

The Thunder’s point guard is probably his best asset, and he can defend on both ends of the floor.

He’s one of only four players to ever average at least 20 points, five assists, five rebounds, and four steals per game.

The Warriors’ Draymond Green is the only other player to average more than four assists per game in a single season.

Durant is also the league leader in three-point percentage, which is the percentage of his shots that have come from beyond the arc.

He can also play the point on offense, where he’s a threat off the dribble, and is an effective passer in transition.

Durant can finish with either hand and is one for the ages in the playoffs.

Durant leads all rookies in assists, but he’s also the only rookie to average at or above five assists per contest this season.

Durant is one-third of the way through his third NBA season, and his offensive game is in full swing.

He’s shooting 38.7 percent from the field, and has hit more threes than any player in the league.

He also is the league leading in steals, as he’s already become the second-highest steals per 36 minutes player behind only Kevin Durant.

His scoring average is also up from last season (16.9), and he’s been a key cog in the Warriors’ success.

He leads the league in points per possession (5.4) and in assists per possession (.569).

His defense is another strong point.

Durant ranks sixth in defensive real plus-minus per 100 possessions (minus-4.9).

He’s one-half of the league-leading league average in that category, but is second to only Draymon’s 15.5.

He and fellow rookie Lonzo Ball rank sixth in steals per possession.

Durants defense is also a huge part of the Warriors offense, and it helps make them a force in the paint.

They have a league-high 8.4 steals per 100 touches.

This is an area of Durant’s game where he has a lot of success, ranking third in the League in steals.

He is second in the conference in steals percentage (47.2), and third in offensive rating (106.7).

He’s also a very smart player, and will learn from his mistakes and take advantage of them.

Durant’s defense is better than the rest of the young players in this class.

He knows how to use his length to get to the rim, and when he’s in position to defend a big shot, he has the athleticism to be a threat.

He has shown he can make shots in traffic, as evidenced by his career-high 37 three-pointers made.

He has improved his shooting accuracy over the last two seasons, and the Thunder have taken advantage of his improved shooting.

Durant will need to show he can improve his overall ability to finish at the rim.

Durant has shown his shot making ability, but that has not translated to the other areas of his game that have helped him succeed.

The Warriors have a chance to win this award with a team that’s capable of winning a championship.

They’re led by an All-Star, a superstar in Steph Curry, a versatile defender with a knack for scoring, and a talented young nucleus of players.

The Cleveland Cavaliers could make a run at the award with the help of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

However, the Cavs also need to take care of business in the second half of the season if they want to be considered for the title.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have the best chance to do that with the play of LeBron James and Kyrie Curry.