• August 5, 2021

NAB Draft: Who will make the NAB AFL Draft teams?

NBA draft picks tend to be underwhelming at the NBL level, with a few notable exceptions.

In fact, many fans were disappointed to see that the Warriors and Hawks failed to make the cut, but this draft will be no different.

The NAB’s draft order has been a little more predictable, and in that regard the Nets are likely to be the first team to pick in the top 20.

Here’s what the Nets will do: First up, the Nets have the No. 19 pick in this year’s draft.

This pick is a bit of a surprise given that the Nets drafted Brook Lopez in the first round last year and he was supposed to be their big man of the future.

In the end, he was traded to the Charlotte Hornets for a 2018 first round pick, and now the Nets aren’t going to go out and find a future star.

Instead, they’re going to find a veteran power forward who can help out on the wing, and will likely take him with the Nos.

22 and 23 picks. 

Brook Lopez is the kind of guy the Nets want to get in the draft, and they may have to pay him to do it.

This is a good spot for a young player, and the Nets should take him in the second round.

In terms of the other first-round picks, the Spurs and Bucks are likely the most interesting to watch. 

The Spurs will be able to find some help with the No, 30 pick, as they have plenty of picks up in the 2019 draft.

However, the Bucks have a couple of young, talented players that will help them make an impact, including guard Tyler Ennis. 

I’m sure the Nets can find a way to land a big guy at the No., 33 spot, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able get a quality pick here. 

With the Nets picking in the middle of the pack in this draft, it’s probably a safe bet that they will go with the team with the worst record in the league.

If they do pick at No. 32, I’m sure they’ll find a solid player in center/forward Marcus Morris, but I doubt that they can afford to go there. 

If they don’t, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up with a guy like Emmanuel Mudiay.

Mudiam is a solid defensive presence at 6-foot-8, who can make plays on both ends of the floor.

He’s also very efficient and will help the Nets get to the playoffs with his size and athleticism. 

Mudiay’s name will probably come up when the Nets look to move up in this mock draft, but if they’re willing to take on the risk, he’ll definitely be a steal.

 At the other end of the spectrum, I think the Nets could use a big man with a strong defensive profile like Anthony Bennett, who will be a restricted free agent in 2018.

The Nets have been trying to upgrade the center position this offseason, and with their first pick, they should get one. 

Bennett will help out defensively, and should help out with scoring. 

In terms of wing players, there’s a lot of talent in the backcourt, including some good prospects in Joel Embiid and Tyler Enis.

In addition, Brooklyn has two big men who are versatile enough to make plays for themselves, which should help them get to a playoff spot. 

Finally, I’d be surprised to see the Nets trade up in their mock draft.

There’s definitely a lot going on, and I expect the Nets to take the top overall pick, but with the lottery system, it will be difficult to pull off a trade.

This draft will determine who the Nets draft with the third overall pick. 

What do you think of the NBA Draft order?

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