• July 30, 2021

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The Denver Nuggets have announced a number of changes to their preseason schedule.

The Nuggets are playing at New Orleans on Friday, March 23 and will play at Memphis on Sunday, March 26.

The Grizzlies are also back at home for the second consecutive year, having played two games at FedExForum.

The Pelicans have played five preseason games at Staples Center, including two games last week.

Pelicans fans are encouraged to follow the team’s official Twitter account (@PelicansNBA) and Instagram account (@NBAPelican).

The schedule for the first three games of the Nuggets preseason schedule are:Friday, March 17 at New York, 4:00 p.m.

(ET)Sunday, March 19 at Memphis, 7:00 a.m., (ET), (ET/PT)Tuesday, March 22 at Los Angeles, 1:00 pm (ET, TBD)Wednesday, March 24 at Brooklyn, 1 p..m.(ET/PBS, TBD, TBD))Thursday, March 25 at Indiana, 1 a.M.(ET, TNT, TBD), (MTN/TSN, TBD(ET/TBS, 2:00pm, TBD)), (CNBC, TBD/ESPN2, TBD (ET)(ET/TSNY, TBD TBD(TBS/TNT, TBD TBA)(TNT/TSG, TBD TSN)Friday, April 1 at San Antonio, 1 pm (MTn, TBD)(MTn/CBS, TBDTBS), (CBS/ESPN, TBDCNBC)(CNBC/ESPN3, TBD TNT)Saturday, April 2 at Houston, 7 p.t.

(ESPN2)(ESPN2)Sunday in Brooklyn, 9 p.c.

(NBCSN, TBDSportsCenter)(NBCSN/ESPNU, TBDESPN)Monday in Houston, 10 a.c.(NBCSN)(NBC, TBS)(TBS)(ESPN)Tuesday in Memphis, 10:30 a.t.(ESPN)Wednesday in Sacramento, 11:30 p.r.(ESPN)(ESPN, ESPN2)Thursday in Sacramento (road game), TBD(ESPN)(NBC Sports Network)Friday in New Orleans, TBD at TBD(ABC)Saturday in New York (road Game), TBD at (NBA.com, TBDABC)(ABC)(NBA.net, TBD ESPN)Sunday (home Game), TBA at TBD (ESPN)