• July 21, 2021

How to watch NBA playoff games online, including NBA playoff bracket

Fans can now watch NBA postseason games online from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or tablet.

The NBA announced the new service on Monday, which allows fans to access their favorite teams online for the first time in history.

The service, which launches on March 13, allows users to search for their favorite team’s games, search for local broadcasts and watch live streams on the NBA.com mobile app.

The service is available to users in over 120 countries.

The NBA is also making it easier to stream games online through the NBA app.

Users can now select their preferred TV app and watch games from any available device or on any device.

Users can also add a broadcast feed to their feed to stream on-demand content from any device or app.

Additionally, fans can now search for games and teams using the new ‘favorite’ option, which will bring up a list of streaming apps and games available to search.

The new service will also let users add games to their sports library by selecting a subscription package that includes the game.NBA.com is also introducing a new feature that allows users who sign up for the NBA Pass, which is available for $5 per month, to watch games online for free.

Users also can watch games in HD with a Roku remote or Apple TV, the new app announced.

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