• July 10, 2021

How to win the 2020 NBA draft | POLITICO’s 2018 NBA Draft guide | Five storylines to watch for the next three years

The draft lottery is the next big thing in basketball.

Here are some of the storylines that will dominate the NBA draft, along with some of our thoughts on the most exciting prospects.1.

Will the Lakers be able to draft a player like Kentucky center De’Aaron Fox?

The Lakers have a lot of holes to fill this year.

They’re not going to win with an inexperienced starting lineup, with Kobe Bryant likely out for the year and Nick Young likely to miss time with a broken foot.

The team is also not in a position to add talent through free agency, so the draft is the only way to fix those issues.

That said, it’s hard to see Fox taking a leap of faith into the NBA after his junior season, and it’s possible that he’ll go undrafted and go to the D-League or another team.

The Lakers could also use a wing player in the draft who can defend two-guards and score off the dribble.

If they can’t use the draft as a stepping stone to the NBA, they might try to re-sign a few key players, such as Jordan Clarkson, who is coming off a promising season in the D, or Cody Zeller, who has been a solid defender in the NBA but was traded to the 76ers.

Fox is a skilled offensive player with a scoring touch, and he’s a good fit for Los Angeles.

The problem is that the Lakers will have to use the pick to fill holes, and they’ll have to find a way to get there quickly.2.

Is this the year the Heat finally break through?

After the first half of the season, the Heat could finally break out of the tank.

Dwyane Wade was averaging a career-low 11.4 points per game.

Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem were both out with injuries, and Goran Dragic was still dealing with knee and shoulder issues.

The Heat could be a playoff team, and their front office could be rewarded for their work in the offseason.

But if they do break through, they’ll need to find their offense, which was often inconsistent.

They’ve been a poor possession team in the past, and a poor shot-selection team.

Miami will need to turn its focus to the perimeter to get better shots and score more efficiently.3.

Will Utah be able at least compete in the playoffs?

The Jazz have a couple of things going for them in the first round.

They have the best record in the West, and Utah has been the league’s best team on offense the past few years.

They also have one of the best coaches in the game, Quin Snyder.

But Utah’s offense has struggled since they took over as a playoff contender.

This year, the Jazz have lost nine of their past 10 games, and the team’s defensive efficiency rating has dropped to an abysmal -4.9.

Utah also has some talent on the wings, but its depth is thin.

It’s hard for them to get back to their normal scoring pace, which is why Snyder could end up having a tough time rebuilding.4.

What will be the next step for Lonzo Ball?

Ball is a natural point guard, and his skill set fits with the Heat’s style of play.

But he has struggled in recent seasons, as he averaged just 3.7 assists per game last season.

This season, Ball is shooting 42 percent from the field, and shooting 39 percent from 3-point range.

Ball will have a hard time getting to the free-throw line if he’s not shooting well from there.

The Thunder have had some success with their ball movement in the post and the isolation, and Ball will be challenged in the open floor.

The Jazz should be able get a decent return on their pick, but Ball might not be worth the risk in a first-round matchup with a team that’s already proven its ability to compete with the top teams in the East.5.

What are the biggest questions surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Cleveland has been one of basketball’s best teams in recent years.

LeBron James is still the team captain, Kyrie Irving is one of its best scorers, and James has led the Cavs to a top-five record in each of the past two seasons.

But there’s a lot to be excited about in Cleveland this season.

The Cavaliers will be a top seed this season, after finishing ninth last season, so it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the talent that is still there.6.

What does this mean for the Raptors?

The Raptors are one of five teams that have a shot at the playoffs.

They finished fifth last season and have the NBA’s best record since being picked No. 2 overall.

The Raptors have two of the NBA best defense lines, and will need their frontcourt to play well to keep up with teams like Golden State and Houston.

The only question is whether James and Irving can maintain