NBA 2K19 Features Wishlist

The NBA franchise will again be back with an amazing update and NBA 2K19 will perhaps be the most awaited development of the 2K games. The eminent and fabled video game series, is one of its kind and the million users of it vouch for its popularity. Like every year, the game is set to come with its annual update with new integrations. The fans are excited about it and they do not miss any chance to make their suggestions regarding the same.

NBA 2K19 Features Wishlist


NBA 2K19 Features Wishlist:

Virtual Currency:

The only way to get Virtual Currency is through buying it from my career, but the developers should consider that this is quite mundane and should develop certain other ways too, where gamers can buy a lot of VC outside My Career. In fact, the story line of My career too has become monotonous over a few years. The story writers hence should pay some concern to this regard and come up with some well-crafted and thorough storyline for My Career Mode. The Off season too should meet with same changes. The game should make provisions for Recruiting Free Agents, Practices to earn upgrades, and other things too.

Please Lower Input Lag:

The players are exclusive to My Team only and this is something that the gamers do not like. Give the gamers liberty to add players to any team they feel like and while doing that, the players could be added to All Star Team up. The players should also be able to choose the jersey the player wears in All Star Team Up.

Regarding some eminent contests of the game, the players say that, The NBA Slam Dunk Contest and 3 point shootout should have online competitions and also they are doubtful regarding it though, but some players have asked for a regular Blacktop Online game too.

Realistic Player Celebrations:

Another much asked integration is regarding the demeanor and attributed of the players. The gamers ask the developers to make the players behave in a manner they do in real life. When a team wins the celebration should seem realistic like some going gaga and dancing while some simply standing and accepting applauses.

The Career Mode should come with some provision which allows players to evolve from one or the other Archetypes. Overtime, NBA players can evolve and add archetypes later on. The number of times the players could be capped on archetypes should not be restricted.

Other sort of, changes needed are to let the players be able to develop the other archetypes like sharpshooter, shot creator, post scorer lockdown defender and glass cleaner. The players certainly do not want those other archetypes early in my career, and be able to unlock every category for it and be able to get all of those other archetypes too.

Those archetypes and the badges can go up to silver, gold or hall of fame depending on how much work they have put into the archetypes.

Those archetypes could be:

  • Agility and speed
  • Coming into the league as a sharpshooter
  • Coming into the league as a shot creator or a playmaker
  • Coming into the league as a lockdown defender or a slasher.

Another good idea is that some speed should already be there coming into the NBA that is for wingspan to not have too much effect on your stats and use it as importance for the defensive side of the ball.


The players could have lots of choices to choose from for which college to play for. A good idea for that is to ask all the power five conferences for licensing of their school logos and their conference logos.


The Game should have a variety of voices from different races and ethnicities to choose from not everybody should have the same voice. Not, only the voices but the slangs and accents should also be different for each person. This will give the game a more realistic touch and authenticity.


The gamers should have the ability to use this portion of the mode to unlock many different badges and bring as many to hall of fame as possible, and the ability to unlock grand badges for different archetypes. This is the mode to unlock the other archetypes in the My Player Mode.


The Game is in the need of tighter animations. The most influencing and impacting effect of the game is put through its animations only. This should be fascinating enough to keep it interesting. Dumbing down the offense is not the answer. Improving and tightening defensive animations is the solution to making gameplay much more fluid.
Also, the gamers want the power to be able to cancel animations if they ever get stuck into them. That brings more control to my player.

The gamers should be allowed to re-allocate their players attribute points in the MyPlayer’s NBA career Mode. The other suggestion is regarding the combined mode of My Career and My Park. These two modes should be separated from each other. Even if they can’t be totally disconnected from one another, but a non-capped attribute system could definitely be created.

The most annoying aspect of the game is its Load time which leaves almost every player peevish and irritable. The game sometimes take 18 minutes to complete four optional workouts on an off day, but when you factor in the 1-2 minutes per loading screen before AND after every single practice that added another 8-16 minutes. This actually made some of the gamers skip practices. The developers should definitely look for some measure to make aberration sin this arena clear.

The other important issue is regarding the My Park Mode where gamers are asked to come to upgrade their player. A better option than that is to allow the gamers to visit My Career only and make the requisite changes they want.

The other suggestion is regarding the attributes of Player’s characters. There should be a clear liberty regarding the update of player’s attributes. It could be changed or remained same as per the notion of the gamer only. Primarily the liberty is needed in the changes regarding player’s height and weight.

Certain subtle yet prominent suggestions that have come from gamers are regarding the play mode:

The Game should have different buttons for the double tab spin move and the euro step.

  • Please remove defensive flops from NBA2K.
  • Please add A-F Grades to Team Up Matches.
  • Please add VR support for PC and PS4

The few changes could be regarding the players appearances:

  • They need more hairstyles. It would be just like a basic taper that doesn’t have a crazy hairline.
  • A custom Logo should not be put anywhere but on a created shoe only.
  • The announcers and commentators should say the player’s name name instead of a pre-determined nickname.
  • Have throwback All-Star jerseys so the All-Star jerseys won’t be the same for multiple year careers.

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  1. Jeff Stroble says:

    I wish I could play NBA2K19.It sounds fun.But I already have NBA2K15,NBA2K16,NBA2K17,& NBA2K18.

  2. Davier says:

    It should be the same shooting as 2k17 but my career should be like 2k18 and R. Westbrook should be the cover.

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